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Trailer for motorcycles folds and stands for storage. The best motorcycle trailer  money can buyFOlding sxs trailer for motorcycles and side by sideJune, 2024 UPDATE:  MOTORCYCLE TRAILERS Will come with Premium Caster wheels.

There always comes a time in a biker’s life where he would have to transport his bike without riding it – either because he has a number of them and wants to move them all at once or the bike is broken.

In either case, you’d need to tow the bike from one location to another and nothing beats a motorcycle trailer in doing this job.

Renting a motorcycle trailer is a good idea but getting one for yourself is the best idea, considering that there are affordable motorcycle trailers that can tow more than one bike at a time and serve other purposes.

Purchasing a motorcycle trailer could be challenging if you don’t know what to look out for and the best price to get them. Therefore, we have compiled the best motorcycle trailers in 2024 that would give you great value for your dollars.

What are the Key Features to Look Out for in Motorcycle Trailers?

You need a checklist before you go shopping for durable, affordable, and safe motorcycle trailers. Here are some key features that you must look out for:

1. Material: If you want a light trailer, check out the ones made entirely of aluminum. Meanwhile, there are those made of steel. Steel trailers weigh more but they are durable and are a great choice to tow larger, heavier, and heavier bikes.

2. Hitch Receiver Compatibility: You must ensure that the hitch receiver of the motorcycle trailer matches that of your truck. Depending on the vehicle’s type and the load capacity, you’ll get hitches rated from Class I through V. Class III hitch is a good start point as it is safe and can tow under 1,200 pounds. Class IV and V, however, are for 2,700 pounds and under.

3. Load Capacity: It is important that the motorcycle trailer you eventually select is capable of carrying the weight of your motorcycle. So, if you’ll be going for one that can carry more than one vehicle, the trailer must have the capacity to carry the total weight of all the motorcycles it would be carrying

4. Light Weight & Storage 

Stand up motorcycle trailer - motorcycle folding trailer- light weight motorcycle trailer - aluminum motorcycle trailer

What Additional Features Make a Motorcycle Trailer Standout?

The best motorcycle trailers do not just have the key features above, they also have:

1. Integrated Chocks: Chock holds the bike in place while you tighten the tie downs. The best motorcycle trailers come with them, while others require you to buy them separately and install them yourself.  

2. Versatility: The best motorcycle trailers can serve other purposes. When you remove the chocks and rails, they give you an open trailer which is useful for moving big items or anything else.

3. Tie-Down Locations: Because different bikes require different tie-down locations, the motorcycle trailer you choose should have tie-down spots in places that work for your bike. The best motorcycle trailers would have multiple tie-down locations.

How Much Should I Budget for a Motorcycle Trailer?

The cost of motorcycle trailers varies by the kinds of trailers, their size, and specifications.

Between $500 and $2,000, you’ll get a simple trailer that can serve as a utility trailer with an integrated wheel, chocks, and lights.
Between $2,000 and $4,000, you’ll get a slightly nicer trailer with an open flatbed design. Folding trailers with integrated wheel chocks fall under this range.
Between $4,000 and $7,000, you’ll find smaller enclosed trailers with ramps, integrated wheel chocks, and integrated lights.
From $7,000 and above, you’ll get larger and more customized trailers that are enclosed and include some luxury features such as interior lights, chrome trim, mag wheels, and custom paint.

Best Motorcycle Trailers in 2024

Balancing price with features, we’ll proceed to review the top three motorcycle bikes in 202]4.

#1. Tow Smart's Single Rail Motorcycle Trailer - $2399.00

Single rail motorcycle trailer. the be stand up motorcycle trailer money can buy

Pros: three side-by-side ramps, smart suspension, and small, lightweight storage configuration.
Con: Suitable for only one bike at a time.

Built with Tow Smart Trailers’ powder-coated steel pipe frame, stow-away ramps, and folding deck, Tow Smart’s Single Rail Motorcycle Trailer is easily the best single rail motorcycle trailer in the market. It is durable, flexible, and safe with its exclusive three sturdy side-by-side ramps, smart suspension, and small, lightweight storage configuration. The ramps of this Single Rail Motorcycle Trailer can be combined to create a single loading ramp to safely handle any tire width or vehicle weight.

What’s more, Tow Smart’s Single Rail Motorcycle Trailer comes with an Integrated wheel chock the makes loading, unloading, and tying off a breeze in the park. Meanwhile, this trailer requires a Flat 4 Connector, 2" Ball, and some assembling to get it working.

Here’s what Joe K., one of Tow Smart’s numerous satisfied customers has to say about the Single Rail Motorcycle Trailer:

I purchased the Tow Smart motorcycle trailer for one bike after looking at other manufacturers online. It was quick to see that Tow Smart offered the best value. The trailer comes standard with upgraded wheels and radial tires which is a $400 option with other manufactures. The trailer also folds up nicely and stores upright in the garage without taking space.”

BONUS: Asides from saving $1,201 when you buy this trailer, Tow Smart offers a free chain links worth $15 when you purchase this trailer today!

#2. Tow Smart's Foldable 3-Rail Dirtbike Trailer - $2,499.00

The best Dirt bike motorcycle trailer blog article. Stand up motorcycle trailer blogs

Pros: Can accommodate a wide variety of bikes, scooters, and other equipment, as well as many different equipment combinations; and requires small storage space
Con: The accessories don’t come free, you may need to purchase these accessories to best enjoy the trailer.

Tow Smart Trailers’ Small Cargo Trailer has a unique 3-rail design with fully adjustable chocks that makes it stand out from its peers. Being a combination bike-trailer-cum-scooter-trailer featuring Tow Smart’s industry-leading lightweight, heavy-duty construction, its utility is off the hook. It can take whatever manner of toys or gear you load it with to nearly anywhere you can think of going.

This Foldable 3-Rail Dirt-bike Trailer is fully equipped to haul almost any combination of bikes — including single or double heavy bikes and pleasure cruisers, as well as up to three dirt bikes, adventure bikes, or sport bikes — without much setup or any fuss. It can also easily function as a two-scooter trailer.

What’s more, its expanded deck, long loading ramps, and low angle of approach ensure that you’ll have an easy time loading, hauling, and unloading whatever equipment you need to. Because of the way Tow Smart’s Foldable 3-Rail Dirtbike Trailer is designed, it is perfect for any hauler with any degree of experience and physical ability.

Here’s what John , another of Tow Smart’s satisfied client says about the Foldable 3-Rail Dirtbike Trailer:

“Great trailer kitfor the price.”

Meanwhile, to get this trailer running, you’d need a 2" INCH BALL, CHAIN LINKS, and a 4-Pin Flat Electrical Connector

BONUS: You save $850 when you buy Tow Smart's Foldable 3-Rail Dirtbike Trailer today!

#3. Tow Smart's Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer - $2899.00

The best motorcycle trailer for harley davidson 5 star rated on google

Pros: Can transport up to 3 motorcycles of various sizes, including Choppers, Sports Bikes, and Dirt Bikes; and it has a diamond tread plate deck that prevents slipping, even in wet and low-visibility conditions
Con: You don't get shipping in all parts of the USA. Shipping only applies to CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT & ID. If you are not in these states please check out The USA TRAILER STORE 

Three Rail Motorcycle Trailers may be lousy in towing motorcycles but not that of Tow Smart! Tow Smart’s Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer is specifically designed to adapt to keep your cargo safe, with its easy loading feature, and small storage footprint.

Because this Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer can be converted into a golf cart trailer or utility trailer (for ATVs, SxSs, UTVs, and more) within minutes it easily shoves its peer aside to emerge as the best in the market.

This trailer comes with three integrated, adjustable wheel chokes, wide, removable channel rails, and two different loading ramps (a standard ramp and a foldable ramp). You can adjust the chocks to fit almost any wheelbase and tire width and you can detach the removable rails and store with ease to create a flat 5'x7' deck.

What’s more, Tow Smart’s Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer has an Independent torsion-axle design that makes it easy to maneuver. It also comes fully equipped with powder coated high-strength steel pipe cage, steel-mesh platform, and diamond tread plate deck covering.

After Julie K. purchased Tow Smart’s Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer, here’s what she has to say:

Purchased the 3-bike trailer to tow some dual-sports around. Works like a champ! Fits the bikes perfectly and I have gotten a lot of compliments and inquiries on the trailer. Customer service from these guys is awesome. They came in on the weekend so I could pick it up! Thanks, guys!

To get this trailer running, you’ll need a Flat 4 Connector, 2" Ball, and some assembling.

BONUS: You not only save $1,650 when you buy Tow Smart's Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer today but also get a free 2 pack chain-link worth $15.00!




Trike trailer with side by side 6x9 folding trailer. stand up motorcycle trailer for trikes and smart cars

Our Endeavor power sport is the idea multi-use trailer. With this unique folding design this trailer has the ability to reduce in storage by 50%. When fully extended the deck measures 6ft x 9ft. Accommodates Trikes, Can ams, and SXS's as well as ATV's. Customers have the ability to choose from the free Raceline Element wheels to an upgrade Mamba Wheels. Motorcycles can easily be carried on this trailer with a breeze. 




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  • Darren Roberts

    Do you buy pull behind motorcycle trailers I would like to sell one

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