Stand Up Motorcycle Trailer Stand up bike trailer stand up trailer BETTER THAN A KENDON stand up motorcycle trailer


Our versatile folding motorcycle trailer is engineered for unmatched reliability and designed to securely haul your bikes. Whether you need to transport two full-sized road bikes, three dirt bikes, various scooters and sport bikes, or a single bike, this trailer is the ideal solution for diverse riding needs.

Key Features of Our Folding Motorcycle Trailer:

Versatility: Perfect for hauling two full-sized road bikes, three dirt bikes, various scooters, sport bikes, or a single motorcycle.

Stand Up Design: Compact and easy to store when not in use, making it ideal for those with limited storage space. Rolls on Caster wheels

Reliability: Engineered with high-quality materials to ensure dependable performance and long-lasting durability.

Secure Transport: Designed with secure tie-down points to keep your bikes firmly in place during transport.


Comes with caster wheels to enable the motorcycle trailer to stand upright.

Light weight design

STARTING AT $2,999.00

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Looking for the best motorcycle trailer to transport your prized bike? The Ride Up Single Rail Motorcycle Trailer is your perfect solution, designed specifically to haul one full-size dresser or an 8-foot chopper. Engineered for maximum convenience, durability, and safety, this trailer is ideal for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Starting at $2,399.00

Stand Up Dirt bike trailer with caster wheels ready to use better than kendon stand up


Perfect for hauling full-size dirt bikes, scooters, electric bikes, enduros, or one full-size road bike. Durable, lightweight, and easy to tow, this versatile trailer ensures secure and convenient transport for all your bikes. Ideal for diverse riding needs.

Starting At $2,499.00

Standing Utility Trailer that can stand up for storage, A trailer that can fold and stand upright and tow a trike or a motorcycle.


Do you have a variety of powersports vehicles? Then the 6' x 9' Folding Utility Trailer is the perfect option for you. This trailer is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, offering unmatched versatility and convenience.

Key Features of the 6' x 9' Folding Utility Trailer:

  • Versatile Design: Ideal for hauling a variety of powersports vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, sport bikes, scooters, and more. This trailer adapts to your diverse transport needs.
  • Spacious Dimensions: With a 6' x 9' deck, it provides ample space to securely transport multiple vehicles or larger equipment, ensuring you have all the room you need.
  • Folding Capability: The folding design makes storage easy and space-efficient. When not in use, simply fold the trailer to save space in your garage or storage area.

STARTING AT $2,999.00

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Stand up dirt bike scooter trailer For e bikes- this motorcycle trailer also stands up for storage great for out door use any dirt bikes can be used on this trailer
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Stand Out

Premium Motorcycle Trailers For Sale


Every motorcycle trailer for sale at Tow Smart Trailers makes the best use of our Killer designs. Whether you need our Single-Rail Ride-Up Motorcycle Trailer, our Three-Rail Motorcycle Trailer, Dirt Bike Motorcycle Trailer or our Foldable Utility Trailer, we know you’re going to love our motorcycle trailers’ lightweight (yet heavy-duty) construction, built-in motorcycle-specific safety, and security features, and fast and easy storage design.

Plus, if you’re a multi-toy family but don’t want to buy multiple toy towing solutions, our Three-Rail Motorcycle Trailer is configured to fit both motorcycles and other four-wheeled toy and equipment. Plus, our Folding Utility Trailer converts into a golf cart trailer or 6'ft x 9'ft utility trailer (for ATVs, SxS, UTVs, and more) in just minutes.

Our dedicated motorcycle trailers come with standard integrated, adjustable wheel chokes and wide, removable channel rails. Not only can all the motorcycle trailers for sale on our site accommodate a variety of different motorcycle sizes, makes, and models, but their removable chocks and channel rails mean they can fit an even wider variety of non-motorcycle toys and equipment.

Additional Features:

  • Extra-Long, Extra-Wide, Non-Slip Loading Ramps: These specialty ramps ensure safer and easier loading, regardless of the type of equipment.
  • Independent Torsion Axle Suspension: Decreases the angle of approach and levels the deck for a smoother loading experience.
  • Versatile Use: Adjustable wheel chocks and removable channel rails allow for a variety of load types, making the trailers highly versatile.
  • Roll It With Ease: Roll your Alpha Sport, Freestyle and Trinity Mt3 with ease with the new 2024 Caster wheels 
  • Premium wheels: All of our units come with premium aluminum wheels, to ensure a smooth ride whether you are going across the country or to the track. 
  • Enhanced lightweight design combined with superior strength results in increased load capacity, offering exceptional maneuverability and outstanding towing performance.

In the standard purchasing package for our motorcycle trailers, our customers also get extra-long, extra-wide, non-slip loading ramps. These specialty ramps and our standard independent torsion axle suspension work together to decrease the angle of approach and level the deck of your motorcycle trailer. This makes every customer’s loading experience safer and easier, regardless of what kind of equipment you’re loading up. That way, you can spend less time and energy getting ready and more time enjoying your adventures, wherever the road takes you! 

Ready to Buy? All motorcycle trailer kits are in stock and available for shipping or local pick-up. Each unit comes with a manufacturer's certificate of origin and invoice. Get the best-priced motorcycle trailers money can buy.

Expand Your Adventures Make every journey more exciting and hassle-free. Browse our wide selection of folding motorcycle trailers and find the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Update June 2024: All Motorcycle Trailer kit lines are in stock and available for shipping or local pick up. All units come with manufacturer's certificate of Origin and Invoice, Get the best-priced motorcycle trailers money can buy. Fill Free to check out our wide selection of folding motorcycle trailers.