Car Tow Dollies

Car tow dollies in stock today. Car dolly will help tow any front wheel drive vehicle- Folding cartowdollystand up car dolly with surge brakes now available ready to ship out. Brand new car tow dolly - Car tow dollies for sale

Three Car Tow Dolly Models to Choose From. "FREE STRAPS" 

Every car tow dolly for sale on our site presents an ideal car towing solution, no matter what your tow vehicle is, what you’re towing it with, and how experienced you are using a car tow dolly.

Tow Smart Trailers’ car tow dollies lead the industry in their durability, affordability, ease-of-use, and ease-of-storage. Every model promises below-average weight, heavy-duty diamond tread and powder-coated tubular steel frame construction, and integrated tie-downs, chains, and winches. You won't find a car tow dolly for sale that's better suited for (or more intentionally dedicated to) your needs/comfort and the safety of your tow vehicle.

Both our standard car tow dolly and our proprietary Stand-Up EZ Haul car dolly boast a smaller storage footprint and bigger functionality than our competitors. With wider-than-average, longer-than-average loading ramps, it’s easy to accommodate almost any tow vehicle wheelbase safely. Plus, these car tow dollies all integrate fully with standard tie-down straps, winches, and safety chains and make use of our specially designed tie-down nut to ensure your tow vehicle stays securely in place for the duration of your trip, no matter its tire-size or weight.
Every Standard dolly for sale on-site comes standard with an 80" swivel carrying pan, which rests on two maintenance-free Teflon pads. This ensures safe, damage-free steering for your tow vehicle and consistently smooth cornering. Plus, both standard and stand-up model car tow dollies come with optional additional braking systems, meaning you can customize your car towing solution to fit your experience level, your specific tow vehicle needs, and all anticipated road conditions.
New recent update 2022: Folding car tow dollies are now available, Choose from either Stand up or our Folding car dolly best of all we are the only Car tow dolly store that provides options. Galvanized or Powder coated - Brakes or no breaks we have them all. MCO Dolly Title and invoice are provided with each Car dolly offered.