Car Tow Dolly Registration is it needed?

Car Tow Dolly Registration is it needed?

Is Tow Dolly Registration Must?

When we prepare our annual to-do list, we put our vehicle’s registration renewal at the top of the list. Like a driving license, it’s important to have an up-to-date vehicle registration. When you don’t get it renewed, you’ll have to pay massive fines. So now you might be thinking about whether you should get your tow dolly registered or not? The answer is, ‘Maybe’ because the registration requirements vary from state to state. But don’t go anyway because here we’ll answer this question in detail with examples of some states. 

Do You Need to Get Your Car Tow Dolly Registered? 

Before we answer this question, it’s important to understand the usage of car tow dollies. They’re exclusively used to transport vehicles. So, they don’t need to be registered with DMV in most states in the USA. Now the confusion is, you live in North Carolina, and when you’re on the road and traveling to any other state, will it be compulsory to have tow dolly registration? 

What do you think about it? Luckily, the good news is when you drive across the country you only have to fulfill the registration laws of your home state. So, let’s prove it by example, you’re a resident of California, and you are visiting Texas with your tow dolly; you don’t need to get it registered in Texas to avoid fines and other issues. 

But remember, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore the registration of your motor vehicle and RV. They must have up-to-date registration. For example, if your vehicle's registration is expired or is about to expire, it’s mandatory to get it renewed before you hit the road. It will save you from trouble when you travel with family. 

Finally, you can’t know the registration policy of all states, but at least you should be sure about your state's tow dolly registration policies to avoid issues. 

Californias Rules and Tow Dolly Registration Requirements

We have good news for you. If you live in California and the weight of your car tow dolly is less than 5000 lbs, you don’t need to get it registered. So, now you can plan your summer trip without worrying about tow dolly registration. But before you get on the road, ensure that you take the below-given safety measures.   CALIFORNIA TOW DOLLY DMV

  • Have up-to-date registration for your car and RV
  • When you hit the road, you must have a driving license in hand

Other safety precautions that need to be followed are:

  • Brake lights must be functional
  • Mount your vehicle properly on the dolly
  • Front-wheels of the towed vehicle must be in contact with the ground

By following all these instructions, you can have peace of mind and enjoy a smooth trip with your family. 

Final Words on Is Tow Dolly Registration Must

As mentioned at the start, there is no need to get your tow dolly registered in the majority of states. But it doesn’t mean that you can get on the road without knowing the tow dolly registration policies of the state you’re traveling to. Moreover, it’s crucial to understand how to load and strap your vehicle on the tow dolly. So, by following the safety precautions mentioned above, you can have peace of mind and enjoy a smooth trip with your loved ones. 


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