Stand-UP Car Tow Dolly

The Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly Is Here To Save Your Tires, Your Back, and Your Bank Account. 

The Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly enables you to tow a secondary vehicle more easily and efficiently than with other towing options. Other car trailers, car tow dollies, and 4-down towing solutions have significant upfront costs or require high long-term rental, storage, and/or maintenance fees. Considering rental and storage fees saved, the Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly presents the best value-for-dollar to RV travelers and other frequent vehicle haulers. Not only does the Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow 5,000lbs it has the ability to store vertically without any assistance. Simply Stores neatly taking up only 102"L X 24 W x 88"H amount of space. Coated with a high gloss industry-leading Powder Coat durable finish providing rust prevention. The black Gloss finish makes pairing up with any high-end RV Seamlessly.