Does your car tow dolly need a title?

dolly title required in your state to tow your car with a car tow dolly?

Is Dolly Title Required for Your Car Tow Dolly?

There are lots of things to worry about, especially when you get on the road. It’s not an easy job to drive an RV on the highway. Therefore, you should think about your car tow dolly. As you already know, a tow dolly isn’t a vehicle, but still, there is confusion about whether your car tow dolly needs a title, registration, or license. So, if you’re wondering, is dolly title required for your car tow dolly, you’re at the right place.

Here, you’ll get all the information to ensure that your dolly is fully protected when you’re on the road. So, let’s start.

Does Your Car Tow Dolly Need a Title?

We have a detailed post about tow dolly registration, so we’ll not discuss it here. Since the role of tow dollies is to pull front-wheel drive vehicles and they’re used for recreational purposes, therefore in the majority of states, there is no need to register them since they are considered Equipment. So, one thing is clear it’s not mandatory to register your tow dolly, but what about dolly title?

Dolly title needed?

When your car tow dolly has a title, it only shows that the dolly belongs to you. People can verify that it’s yours. And the good news is when you purchase car tow dollies like Galvanized Folding, Stand up Tow Dolly, and Tow Dolly with Surge Brakes, they already come with a title. These are just a few examples.

Most tow dollies come with a title when you purchase them. But the important thing is you need to carry your dolly title with you when you take it to the road. It will help people understand that you’re the owner of the tow dolly. So, that’s why your tow dolly must have a title.

Some tow dollies are exceptional, and they’re assigned a VIN. Moreover, they also contain the manufacturer’s original title. It ensures that you can account for it if something happens with your dolly.

Does my dolly need current Registration?

States Where Your Car Two Dolly May or May Not Need Any Title or Tag

We have already mentioned that each state has different requirements for car tow dolly, so here we’ll share some examples of states where it’s not required to have a dolly title or dolly tag.

  • In Michigan, dollies are not considered trailers. Therefore, they don’t need registration or title.
  • In VA, car dollies are titled like trailers, so you’ll also have to title or tag your tow dolly.
  • In Texas, there is no need to title or tag the dolly. Similarly, you don’t have to title or tag your dollies in Florida and California. 

But as mentioned earlier, in most states, dollies come with titles when you purchase them. So, you don’t have to do anything else.

Other Important Things to Have When Driving Tow Dolly on the Road

So, one thing is clear your tow dolly doesn’t require registration. But the vehicle you want to tow on it must have up-to-date license and registration information. Moreover, there is no need for drivers to have a special driving license for driving or operating the car tow dolly.

Your current registration information and license are enough to transport your SUV, truck, or car on a tow dolly. However, you can have a safe and smooth towing experience on the road by keeping the below-given essential things in mind.

  • Keep all your important documents and papers with you during traveling
  • Your braking system should be functional and free to operate
  • Keep checking your tire straps and safety chains whenever you stop for rest
  • Avoid driving at accelerated speeds because it will make your car and tow dolly steering complicated

No doubt, a car tow dolly is a valuable piece of equipment to have when you’re on the road. But keeping the papers in hand and following the safety instructions is also crucial. When you follow all the things mentioned above, you can have safe road trips with your family.

What Else You Need to Know to Have a Safe Driving Experience with Tow Dolly?

Routine inspections between stops and replacing your tow dolly tires or wheel straps during traveling can keep your dolly maintenance-free. But if you’re looking for spare parts and accessories for your tow dolly, then you can purchase everything from Tow Smart Trailers. 

Wrap-up On Is Dolly Title Required for Your Car Tow Dolly?

Well, it’s not necessary to have a dolly title, but there is nothing wrong with having it. It’s proof that you’re the owner of your car tow dolly. The good news is most car tow dollies come with titles when you purchase them. If you want to be on the safe side, ensure that you carry the bill of sale to verify that you’re the owner of the car tow dolly.

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