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 Why Should RV Travelers and Professional Haulers Consider Using A Car Stand Up Car Tow Dolly?

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A car tow dolly can be extremely helpful for RV travelers, as it empowers them to bring a secondary vehicle for additional transportation at their destination site. Many RV travelers find bringing a tow car to be the best way to explore the surrounding area once the RV campsite is set up. Further, having a smaller vehicle is often more convenient for local trips, accessing local roads, and saving money on gas. For other frequent-towing drivers, using a car tow dolly is similarly accessible; whether you tow frequently for the business of your personal life, using a car tow dolly requires less vehicle modification, supplemental equipment, and upfront costs than other towing options. It sounds like an easy choice, right?

Nevertheless, some RV travelers and professional haulers hesitate to use a car tow dolly because of the initial investment cost and inconvenience often associated with them. Though car tow dollies tend to be cheaper and less complicated to install that car tow trailers and the auxiliary braking systems necessary for dinghy towing, they are not without their challenges. Travelers and haulers who are already familiar with other towing options may not see much value in switching to a car tow dolly.

What Are The Challenges Associated With Using A Car Tow Dolly?

Most significantly, RV campsites often charge incrementally higher fees based on the footprint of your motorhome and all attached accessories. The standard 10-foot storage footprint of a car tow dolly results in additional costs to travelers. Secondarily, car tow dollies are often heavy and difficult to maneuver single-handed, making them ill-suited for use by physically smaller or single travelers or those with back or joint health issues. The standard design of a car tow dolly results in additional physical labor (and potentially pain) for travelers. Lastly, inconsistencies between state-level regulations for the lighting and braking systems on car tow dollies makes it a hassle to prepare for trips across state lines, sometimes necessitates additional complicated (and expensive) equipment installations, and can also result in increased costs to the traveler due to the accumulation of traffic citations for ill-equipped tow dollies.

That’s why we created the Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly vs. Other Car Tow Dollies?

  1. (1)  The Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly has an ultra-lightweight design, making set up and hook up easy for one person to accomplish.

  2. (2)  The innovative stand-up design of the Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly enables users to store the dolly upright, diminishing the size of its storage footprint. This, in turn, enables users to avoid additional storage fees at campsites or scaling up the campsite size (and price).

  3. (3)  With standard lights and optional braking systems, The Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly’s features increase users’ safety and more easily comply with state regulations.

Choosing whether to use a towing trailer vs a car dolly (or just flat-towing your vehicle) can be difficult. No one option may seem, at first, any better or worse than the rest in the context of your needs. Each car towing solution comes with almost equal pros and cons. Until now.

The Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly’s innovate design and features revolutionize the car tow dolly experience. For the easiest and most efficient traveling experience at every point along the way, the Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly is the clear best choice.

See the Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly in action here, or purchase one for yourself here.

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