How To use a Folding Car Tow Dolly

How to use The Folding Car Tow Dolly With Brakes Heres a brief set up and loading instructional video on how to use a car tow dolly  

First you want to Unfold your Folding Car Tow Dolly from its Storage position. To do so unfold the Trailer tongue and secure with main pin and safety clip. Afterwards position Ramps and lock in place with the spring loaded lock located near the ramps. 

Next Attach your car dolly onto the towing vehicle using a two inch ball. Secure Safety chains and Emergency Break away cable to the hitch. Connect the Flat four wiring harness. (Use an adapter if necessary) 

Your Folding car tow dolly equipped with a tilt down style loading ramps to make loading and unloading a simple task. 

In order To access the tilt down the ramps, remove the Tilt Down Pin and the safety collar (located at the center of the dolly) then tilt the ramps or step onto the ramps. After the loading ramps have been position down, Slowly drive up onto the dolly. It’s always best to have someone guide you to ensure vehicle is as centered onto the dolly. Once wheels are on the dolly the vehicles weight will position the Tilt mechanism back to original place allowing you to insert safety collar and Pin back into the position. 

How to use tow dolly Tow Straps

To secure Vehicle onto the car tow dolly, use the Adjustable wheel straps provided. Insert the J hook as shown to the slot closest to the center of the tire, Nest the strap over the tire and winch down using an one inch one eighth wrench. Then Place self latching safety chains to a structure point on your vehicle. 

Before Driving off Make sure steering wheel is locked in place and disengage Parking break. The Dolly is equipped with a swivel pan (Pivot pan) which does the turning for the vehicle, therefore Steering wheel should be locked or secured with the wheels pointed straight at all times.   

Unloading your towed car is very fast and easy

-The RV, Dolly and Car should all be straight. It is very important to Engage the parking break.  

-Use your wrench to rotate the Winch nut forward holding the locking bar on the winch back and release till the straps becomes loose.

-Remove the wheel straps and safety chains. 

-Release the main tilt down pin and Collar. 

-Drive off and Store your Folding Stow N Go Car Tow Dolly 

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How to use folding car tow dolly - Galvanized stow n go car dolly

 Black and chrome folding car tow dolly with brakes car dolly with surge demco brakes

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