Car Tow Dolly Frequently Asked Questions.

Car Tow Dolly Frequently Asked Questions.

Car Tow Dolly Frequently Asked Questions



Swivel Pan and Stand Up Tow Dollies

It is very exciting and adventurous to drive on an open road but most of the time driving on the highway can be very intimidating and frightening. If you are going to travel with a tow dolly for the first time, and you are not very familiar with how to operate your recreational vehicle safely with a car tow dolly then this article can help you in this case.

Read this article till the end so that you would know the safety, security, and must-have steps for using tow dolly so that you can feel more confident before you go on your next road trip. 


Does the company have any dealers in our local area, so that I can see or purchase a dolly from you?

We directly ship to our buyers from Los Angeles CA, and we do not have any dealers or distributors anywhere and this is the reason that we sell directly to the public.

Is it safe to use Tow Dolly? 

At this place, car tow dolly, the dollies are designed to be 100% secure and very easy to navigate during use, assembly, and loading. The improved safety chains, wheel straps, and galvanized disc-brakes are the features that make these tow dollies the best. Tow dollies are a safer means of transportation as compared to the traditional flat vehicle because it is designed to protect your vehicle from wear and tear on the highway. 

Can we get an extra set of safety chains for attaching the car to the dolly?

You will get an extra set of chains from here which will serve as a backup to the wheel straps. these chains go from dolly to the towed cars suspensions and they should always be used. Dollies which come standard with these safety chains our the (Stand Up Dollies and Folding Dollies).

Can we back a loaded dolly?

The answer to this is both yes and no. For backing a loaded dolly the recreational vehicle, the dolly, and the car on the dolly should be perfectly aligned and straight begin with. In addition to this don't forget to lock out the dolly brake system For ( EZ Haul Dollies with Surge Brakes) (Swivel pan dollies can only be backed up straight Slow and just about 5 feet,) .

At some point during this, the towed vehicle and the dolly will begin a diversion path, which cannot be corrected. At some point, only the dolly tongue will be damaged, any damage is not covered under warranty.

Will my vehicle function with your dolly? 

If your vehicle is under 4900 lbs curb weight, it is under 3000 lb front axle weight, and less than 79 inches wheel width measuring outside of tire to tire, then the vehicle would be functional with a dolly. In addition to this, it should be a front-wheel-drive.

How long will it take you to ship my order and when will I receive the dolly? 

All the shipping schedules and shipping time is mentioned while you are purchasing the dolly, and you will typically receive it in a few days.

Can we use the rear-wheel-drive vehicle on this dolly? 

Many customers and people have told us that they have towed their car backward on Swivel pan car tow dollies, However on the stand up dollies . But you need to know that all dollies are normally made for front-wheel drive vehicles. When Towing a Rear wheel drive vehicle please see your owners manual under the towing section this usually shows whether or not your car can be towed with a car dolly.

How are the dollies shipped to customers? Is the presence of someone necessary at the spot and how will we get the dolly off of the truck? How will be the customer informed when the shipment is arriving?

We generally ship to a freight terminal near you or we also ship near any business with a loading dock or forklift. When your parcel is shipped over shippers will send you a shipping notification which will be having an estimated delivery date that is accurate. And in this case, your signature is required for taking your parcel home.

Do you have any second-hand or used tow dollies for sale in the stock? 

The company has included a mention of used dollies on the website but that is simply a meta tag which is only meant for Google search purposes. We don't have anything already used for the sale and we also do not offer any kind of exchanges.

What will I get exactly with my dolly?

If you were to purchase the Dolly from our online website then you will get a Dolly, straps, Winches, Ramps Owners Manuals and LED lights also.

Does the dolly need any kind of registration? And does the dolly needs a title too?

Generally, dollies are considered as equipment and they are free from any kind of registration in many states. However, a federal compliance decal with assigned and attached VIN numbers and an original title from the manufacturer is already included when you will receive it 

Can this dolly be used in California and Canada?

Well, Canada has more strict laws than California. And this tow dolly is legal around the nation, and it is also legal to use in Canada. An important thing is that the dolly should have working brakes and for import and export to Canada.

Will the wheel straps last forever?

Wheel straps are consumable in case of all tow dollies, so they are not going to last forever. The reason is that they carry out all the work and are under a great stress, Replacements sales are generally available online when time is necessary.

It is said that tow dolly wheel straps get eaten away or are damaged due to friction. How to avoid this from happening?

This is a problem that you would face with every dolly available in the market so for this you should properly check by the feel and appearance to confirm that the wheel straps are not touching anything that could damage or cut the straps. As we know that straps are not warranted against friction so if you lose a strap in this manner then it can be very dangerous. For more safety check them frequently for proper fit and clearances, so that your straps do not break.


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