Open Deck Car Trailer
Flat bed Car Hauler . Carson trailer car hauler, Big tex car trailer, smart car trailer, 4x4 car tow dolly
Open Deck Car Trailer
Flat bed Car Hauler . Carson trailer car hauler, Big tex car trailer, smart car trailer, 4x4 car tow dolly

Open Deck Car Trailer

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Open Deck Car Trailer Flatbed 


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Car hauler flat bed trailer Haul vehilces car trucks and vans. Similar to Big Tex trailers, PJ car Hauler and flat bed Carson trailers

Whether you’re headed across the country or just across town, get there easier with Tow Smart Trailers’ new Car Hauler Trailer. With easy hookup, easy loading/unloading, and as-easy-as-possible storage built into its design, this flatbed car trailer prioritizes your convenience and peace-of-mind at every point of any drive. Moreover, this car trailer is packed with industry-leading features — like non-slip, rust-proof diamond tread, a built-in electric braking system, and a standard UPG breakaway kit — making it the safest car hauler trailer available (for you, your tow vehicle, your vehicle in-tow, and everyone else on the road).

We know buying a car trailer is a big investment, both for professional transport companies and personal use. But once you use this car trailer, you’ll wonder why you ever considered car hauler rental equipment anything but a hassle (and you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy a car trailer from Tow Smart Trailers, sooner)!

This Car Trailer Provides Unparalleled Ease-Of-Use

Around Every Turn

At Tow Smart Trailers, we know it gets tiring having to balance what you want/need in your car hauler against what is within budget, your ability to use, and the available purchasing stock for a car hauler for sale in your area. Consequently, and all too frequently, car trailer buyers end up forced to choose between things like:

  •   Staying on-budget vs. getting the safety features and functionality they want in their car trailer.

  •   Getting enhanced functionality in one component at the expense of the inclusion or ease-of-use of other car trailer features.

[Are you over car hauler rental fees/restrictions but not sure you really need a flatbed car hauler trailer? Check out our full line of ​Car Tow Dollies​ for more cost-effective car towing options than any car hauler rental plan we’ve seen!]

  •   Weighing setup complexity and risks to physical safety (muscle strain and injury due to heavy lifting/maneuvering heavy parts) vs. investing in car trailer equipment that is truly heavy-duty.

  •   Paying for different car hauler rental plans vs. car trailer storage space and associated accumulating fees.

    Tow Smart brand car trailers provide something different: everything you want in a car trailer, with no trade-offs. That’s just as true for our flatbed car hauler trailer as it is for our full line of car tow dolliesand utility trailers.

    1. The Benefit Of Tow Smart Trailers’ Easy Hook-Up Hitch Designs

    Because of its powder-coated channel-frame, open-center design, our car hauler trailer is both heavy-duty and lightweight, so it maintains an industry-leading GVWR for its deck size even while it has a lower-than-average trailer weight. As a result, there’s no need to use unfamiliar or complex lunette or pintle loop hitch designs — a standard ball coupler works just fine!

    Featuring a standard 2 5/16” ball coupler (for use with 2 5/16” hitch ball; the most popular-sized consumer-grade hitch), our car hauler trailer promises easy hook up even for beginner car haulers. Just align the hitch ball and coupler, lower the coupler onto the ball, and clamp down the top latch. There’s no need for a load equalizer hitch so long as you balance the load, as the car trailer design is well-balanced between the dovetail and tongue (though a load equalizer hitch can help to prevent uneven tire wear for unbalanced loads).

    2. What Every Car Trailer User Wants: A Car Hauler Trailer That Is Easy To Load/Unload & Safe To Use On Hills

    Arguably the most versatile car hauler for sale in 2020, this flatbed car trailer includes both long, heavy-duty, stow-away ramps and a2’ dovetail. As a result, car trailer buyers who invest in this model of car hauler for sale enjoy the best of both (flatbed and dovetail) worlds.

    That’s because this car trailer has a lower-than-average angle of approach and a more gradual incline than most comparable equipment options to facilitate easier, safer loading/unloading. Yet the design also maintains a high deck clearance (what most dovetail/beavertail car hauler trailer users say they miss about standard flatbed car hauler trailer designs) to enable easier use even on graded surfaces.

    3. Easy Driving Comes Standard With This Car Hauler Trailer

    As any car trailer user knows, even the most-affordable and easiest-to-load designs can make for trouble down and, more specifically, onthe road. That’s because some of the

most popular car trailer designs sacrifice stability under load in the name of easy loading designs and lower prices.

That’s not the case with the car hauler for sale here, or any car towing equipment you’d find at Tow Smart Trailers.

Tow Smart Trailers’ Car Hauler Trailer features a sturdy A-frame tongue that promises industry-leading stability and support of the load at the front of the trailer (an often-overlooked source of load imbalance). Plus, our car hauler’s A-frame tongue is uniquely designed to provide both exceptional forward length and chassis support, which are both essential to your ease-of-use:

  •   The longer tongue provides better stiffness and support while driving and empowers drivers to see more of the trailer while reversing; and

  •   The additional chassis support minimizes the amount of flex and twist possible in the tongue, protecting the car trailer from being compromised even under heavyweight and high pressure [1].

    Moreover, our tandem axle flatbed car hauler features enhanced stability at highway speeds, reducing the risk of car trailer sway or uncontrolled bouncing. When compared to (cheaper) single axle flatbed car trailers with similarly-sized decks, our tandem axle design offers:

  •   Higher payload capacity, meaning our customers are less likely to outgrow their car trailer as they upgrade their personal vehicles [2]; and

  •   Better return on investment should they choose to list their car hauler for sale. Tandem axle car hauler trailers are far more durable, depreciate more slowly, and accumulate less wear-and-tear during regular use, allowing resale for considerably higher prices even after years of ownership [3].

    4. A Car Hauler Trailer With Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

    Simply put, this car hauler trailer is made to last. Just like all of the car towing equipment available at Tow Smart Trailers, the car hauler for sale here features an all-steel, all powder-coated design (for the frame, ramps, and deck), our car trailer customers never have to worry about weatherproofing their car towing equipment. There is no wood to seal or replace — or worry about cracking — and no easily-bent aluminum or sun-damage-prone plastic parts. Cleaning is as easy as using a standard garden hose or bucket of water and a soft cloth* to rinse and wipe away spills and stains. Moreover, the tandem axle design minimizes wear-and-tear on tires and makes tire changes easier when they do (eventually) become necessary.

    *Do not pressure wash or use abrasive detergents of cleaning agents, or hard-wire or -bristle brushes to clean your car hauler trailer, as this can compromise the powder-coated finish and cause the underlying steel to rust!

5. The Last (Good) Reason To Look Into Car Hauler Rental Equipment: Easy Storage For Car Trailers

There’s no way around the fact that car trailers can be a hassle to store. With a large footprint and limited folding/stand-up design functions, even our industry-leading car hauler trailer occupies a considerable amount of space when not in use. This can be especially irritating at paid-use campgrounds and other facilities where there are extra fees associated with additional equipment parking.

That said, this car hauler trailer design does everything possible to minimize storage headaches, since the frame and deck are all-weather, all features (including ramps) are stored on-board, and the deck itself has open sides to allow for overhang. That means Tow Smart Trailers customers can haul the most cargo possible with the smallest flatbed car hauler trailer footprint on the market.

So Much More Than Just A Car Hauler

We’re excited to offer this 8.5’x16’ car hauler for sale on our lot and through our site, since it’s one of the most popular flatbed car trailer sizes among today’s car trailer users. It’s not hard to see why: today’s car trailer users are more than just car haulers in their day-to-day, professional, and personal lives; having a 16’ trailer bed and 7,000lbs GVWR empowers people to haul a lot more than just their cars. That makes this flatbed car hauler trailer the perfect complement to our line of easy-to-use car tow dollies and utility trailers!

We understand that having one piece of equipment that meets all needs is essential to hassle-free hauling. That is why this flatbed car hauler trailer can easily convert from its standard open center deck to a full deck to better accommodate toys and cargo of a broad range of sizes. Nevertheless, the easy-loading design of this car trailer remains uncompromised by the deck change and is accessible regardless of cargo type. The stow-away ramps are both easy-to-adjust (accommodating different wheelbases) and steel mesh instead of ladder-like framing (accommodating human carry-up cargo).

This Car Hauler Trailer Has It All... Even Tow Smart

Trailers’ Industry-Leading Safety & Durability

As noted before, the standard features of this car hauler prioritize your safety and that of your belongings above our bottom-line. If you need it — brakes, breakaway systems, extra-durable design, enhanced stability under-tow — this car trailer comes with it (at no extra charge).

That is why every design feature — from the A-frame tongue and tandem axle design, to the 2’ dovetail at the back of the deck, to the diamond tread plating on top of it, to the standard included electric brakes, breakaway system, and DOT-compliant LED lighting — work together

[Are you looking for a car trailer with a smaller storage footprint? Check out our Stand-Up EZHaul Car Tow Dolly​ and ​Stand-Up EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly with surge disc brakes!]

to create the safest, smoothest, most stable ride possible under all weather and driving conditions. Better than any car hauler rental equipment insurance plan (which will only compensate you after the fact if anything goes wrong), everything in the design of this car hauler aims to make sure everything goes right!

Tow Smart Trailers Car Hauler Trailer KEY


Some people might say our car hauler trailers are overbuilt; we say our competition underbuilds their comparable offerings.

  •   16’ deck means this car trailer can accommodate most cars, while the A-frame tongue and open-sided design allow for some overhang on oversized vehicles; 16’ deck is also not too long to function as a heavy-duty utility trailer.

  •  C-channel frame and diamond tread plate construction contribute to a high-strength, low-weight design so you can haul more per load without going overweight.

  •   Steel frame and deck (plus powder-coated finish) ensure the car hauler trailer can be safely used and stored in all weather conditions (even near saltwater and in direct sunlight).

  •   A-frame tongue and tandem axle design promise more stability and better suspension (than straight-tongue or single-axle car trailer designs), minimizing car trailer sway and bounce under even the most brutal driving conditions.

  •   205/75D15 heavy-duty tires and wheels assure a smooth ride at all towing speeds.

  •   Included long, square steel tubing and steel mesh stow-away ramps are heavy-duty, yet lightweight; one person can easily set up car trailer loading/unloading by hand (though they are sturdy enough for heavy vehicles).

  •   Low angle of approach and long incline (due to ramps and dovetail) minimize car trailer loading/unloading risk.

  •   Fenders are made of steel (not aluminum) to resist bending or cracking under pressure from heavy loads.

  •   Powder-coated finish provides this car trailer model with an industry-leading, long-lasting, high-quality appearance with damage-resistance, rust-resistance, and slip-prevention.

    Car Hauler Trailer SPECS:

 Car trailer deck size:​ 8 1/2' x 16

  •  Dovetail: ​2'

  •  Inside width: ​83”

  •  Outside width (fender-to-fender): ​102”

  •  Deck materials: ​standard heavy-duty, rust-proof diamond tread plate

  •   Car trailer frame type: ​5” C-channel frame

    •   Frame features:​ Open center deck design

    •   Cross members: ​16” straight

    •  Frame finish: ​powder-coated

  •   Tongue type: ​A-frame

  •   Axle type:​ tandem axle; 3,500lb (each axle)

    •   Brakes: ​standard electric brakes on one axle

    •   Backup:​ standard UPG car trailer breakaway kit

  •   Car trailer GVWR: ​7000 lb

  •   Hitch type: ​2 5/16” coupler

  •   Wheels: ​15” (205/75D15)

  •   Ramps:​ Stow-away ramps

    •   Ramp materials: ​square steel tubing & heavy-duty steel mesh

    •   Ramp finish: ​powder-coated

  •   Car hauler trailer weight: ​1800lb

  •   Lights: ​DOT-compliant LED

  •   Jack:​ H/D 7K square jack